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Cleaning & Care

Avoid residue build-up that can damage your products and cause skin irritation with these specialty washes, wipes and lubricants for intimate areas, menstrual cups and toys.

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  1. Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath Flakes
  2. AMAZING OILS Magnesium Gel + MSM Natural Pain Relief Roll-On (60ml)
  3. AMAZING OILS Magnesium Oil Spray - Pain Relief (60ml)
  4. ANNA's Wild Yam Hormone Balancing Cream (100g)
  5. Compact Travel UV Steriliser for Menstrual Cups
  6. DIVA Menstrual Cup Wash (177ml)
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  7. HANNAHPAD Cloth Pad Probiotic Laundry Soap
  8. Healthy Hormones Book - A practical guide to balancing your hormones
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  9. HELLO Go Hand and Menstrual Cup Cleaner
  10. INTIMINA Feminine Moisturiser (75ml)
  11. INTIMINA Intimate Accessory Cleaner (75ml)
  12. INTIMINA Soothing Bath Rose Petals (9 pack)
  13. JuJu Cleansing Wash
  14. Lunette Washing Liquid
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  15. Lunette Wipes
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