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Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a medical condition where pelvic organs such as the uterus, bowel or bladder collapse or prolapse. Prolapse can range from mild to severe displacement and it is estimated about half of the women who have had children have some degree of prolapse. Please consult your GP or an OBY/GYN if you suspect you have prolapse as the earlier treatment is sought the better the outcome.

PS offers a range of sponges that can be used in the management of pelvic organ prolapse as well as kegel exercisers, pelvic floor weights and yoni eggs which can assist with improving pelvic floor tone.

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  1. INTIMINA KegelSmart Intelligent Pelvic Trainer
  2. INTIMINA Laselle Weighted Exerciser Kegel Balls (Individual)
  3. INTIMINA Laselle Weighted Exerciser Kegel Balls (Set of 3)
  4. JADE & PEARL Reusable Pink Pearls Prolapse Sponge - Large
  5. JADE & PEARL Reusable Pink Pearls Prolapse Sponge - Small
  6. JADE & PEARL Reusable Sea Pearls Prolapse or Menstrual Sponge - XL + Firm (2 Pack)
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  7. LELO Weighted Kegel Ball Beads Plus Set (Set of 6)
  8. PELVI MEDIballs Kegel Ball - Single
  9. PELVI MEDIballs Kegel Balls - Double
  10. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Eggs - Black Obsidian (Set of 3)
  11. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Eggs - Green Aventurine (Set of 3)
  12. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Eggs - Opalite (Set of 3)
  13. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Eggs - Rose Quartz (Set of 3)
  14. PRECIOUS GEMS Yoni Eggs - Singles