MERULA Menstrual Cup XL - Strawberry (Pink)


The Merula Cup is made in Germany from 100% medical-grade silicone, and features a unique ladder stem and round bulb shape. 

The shape of this cup makes it a great low cervix menstrual cup, and the ladder stem is easy to grip and trim to size if required. If you have a medium or high cervix, simply skip trimming the stem. They have a thick, rigid silicone rim and softer, thin silicone body making it comfortable to wear yet easy to insert.

The Merula XL is one of the highest capacity menstrual cups on the market, holding an impressive 50ml of fluid! This makes the Merula XL a great choice for those with a heavy period, so you can get longer wear time out of your cup before needing to empty. The smaller Merula One Size holds 38ml and is available in three colours: Fox (orange)Apple (green) and Midnight (black).


Merula Menstrual Cup Measurements

 Size Capacity

Diameter (mm)

Cup Length incl. Stem (mm)
Cup Length
excl. Stem (mm)
Merula One Size 38

Rim diameter: 40
Body diameter: 46

72 39
Merula XL 50
Rim diameter: 46
Body diameter: 72
76 50

Merula menstrual cups are free from chemical additives like plasticizers and contain no animal-based ingredients, making them vegan-friendly. Each box contains 1 x Merula Cup, 1 x storage pouch and an instruction leaflet.


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